I found out about this band a little while ago and forgot to post about it.

They remind me of Beck a little bit (especially their first album: Jurrassic Exxplosion Phillipic) especially his earlier stuff – particularly how they flip back and forth between genres.

Read-option and Offenses in general

My observation over the last decade or so of watching the NFL is this:  You need to be able (find a way) to do everything to be the best.  Defenses always find a way to stop one-trick ponies.

If you’re a fantastic passing team, you still have to find a way to win running the ball, because eventually someone will figure out your pass.  Vise-versa for running teams.

What about the latest two trends in offences – the wildcat and the current trend of read option QBs? Really, they’re just ways of getting a teams running game going.  Teams still need to be able to pass. The wildcat was stopped – though teams still use it to jump start their running game – because teams that used it did so because they didn’t have a consistent passing game to complement it.

The read option will last, because teams are needing to get young Quarterbacks out on the field faster, and the college game is finding it’s way in.  But, if teams are going to make it work, they’ll still need to manufacture a passing game to go with it.  You know, keep the defense guessing and that.

Not sure if this is clear, but this post is too long so far.

Go Raiders (Pryor FTW).


What I saw: NFL 2013 – Week

Of course I saw the Raiders-Colts game today (being an Oakland fan and all).  Was really not expecting much, but came away very happy with what I saw and optimistic about the season.

Although not super effective, the defense held a measurable amount of water.  The rebuild will take time.  But  it looked like to me that this defense is not as hopeless as previous years have been.

Pryor is exactly what the Raiders need this year.  Matt Flynn might have been alright as our QB if we didn’t have an offensive line made of spare parts.  Pryor showed that he can make plays if things fall apart in the trenches, and gives the Raiders a chance to win.  It’s not a knock on Matt Flynn, it’s just not in his skill set.

They did let it slip away, but only due to factors which we already knew existed (poor fourth quarter defense, inexperience at quarterback).  I saw plenty of progress though, which I wasn’t expecting to see this early in the season.  It’s good to be heading into a season with a bit of potential (for this season and future seasons) for a changes.

One last thing: I saw the end of the Jets-Bucs game on RedZone (which is a fantastic way to watch games when there’s not a particular game you’re interested in).  There’s seconds left, Jets well out of field goal range, Bucs are defending well (on the whole) and Geno is having to run it up the side.  Then an idiot linebacker (whose name I can’t recall but I’m guessing will be on the waiver wire tomorrow) hits him out of bounds.  Flag, 15 yards, field goal, game over.  Sucks to be a Tampa Bay fan.

Also, the Jags look like they’ll be picking #1 in the draft next year, and the Giants lost.  That is all.

Confused about Windows 8

I’m not here to complain about Windows 8, I haven’t ever used it. What occurred to me to me though, was why, after releasing Windows 7 (which was and is a fantastic operating system) did Microsoft feel like they needed to go with a touch/mobile first OS? 

Apple, the company that pushed everyone into mobile/touch computing in the first place, still maintain a very distinct desktop OS.